People who romanticize alcohol and nicotine products on social sites citing their freedom of expression or liberty must understand that your craving for pretending cool might influence your peers.

When I was introduced to this brutal capital, I wasn’t into all this however you meet people, and either you influence them or they influence you. I do not want to blame anyone for converting a daal roti guy into a chain smoker and drunkard.

When I was in Bangalore, Ive experienced and later got addicted to some of the most delusional drugs, and the reasons for this were the people I was surrounded with and the kind of content I had started to consume online.

When you start doing all such toxic things, you will never realize that sooner you’d start to practice this also, doing something and practicing something is two different things because practice makes you perfect and if you’re perfect with your toxic addiction, you’re on a time bomb.

Your preferences from your movie choice, to music to clothing and to slang, all gotta be changed, you never realized that but you were trapped.

Everyone in this world wants things according to them, which gives birth to the word expectation which is insidious as it affects your belief system as well. If I am expecting and believing Sushant was murdered, I always want to talk to such people who has similar belief and expectations because it validates my belief system and somehow my ego also. You look around yourself and check this, how often you talk to people who aren’t at your wavelength.

A smoker never advises you not to smoke, rather he/she sends you multiple articles and research paper to influence you how does nicotine or alcohol boost your creativity.

10 years down the line, I’ve spent more than I earn and most of the funds went to these toxic things that didn’t only affect my body but my mental peace and other collaterals.

My realization was too late, but in mid-2018 when things went bad to worse, I took a leave for 90 days in mid-2019 to start from scratch.

I couldn’t give up everything instantly, I took time and now I am not compelled to consume anything, I’m proud that I have control over my addiction now.

Wisely select your peers, and unfollow such people who share toxic and negativity, you won’t realize its impact instantly, but when you realize you’ll never realize that you’ve realized, so acknowledge and fix things.

I’ve also romanticized alcohol and nicotine online through my Facebook and Instagram in the past and I regret that.

Thank you and Take care.

founder - nyusu , nonconformist